For me, running is joy.

Years ago, I was a runner. I also lifted weights and generally gave a good amount of shit about being physically active. That was easy with the job & schedule I had, where I lived, and, oh YES, lack of CHILD. I lived in a very runner-friendly city, walked 5 minutes to the Y, and my only after work priority was being done in time to get at least 1-2 beers at happy hour pricing.┬áNow, I commute an hour each way, wrangle a toddler and cats and chickens. We live in the country, my husband runs our business literally 24/7. So, you can imagine the amount of “me time” that exists. I can barely pronounce it. When you come across “me time,” now you’re like, “OH SHIT HURRY UP WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?!” Clean? Nap? Stare at the wall?

So, here’s the thing. I’m learning how to make that fit life happen again. I mean, I would definitely choose my couch over a lot of things. But, physically and mentally, I need it. Running has always been like therapy for me. No matter how difficult the journey, the end result was the best thing I could ever do for my mind. I’m slowing making shifts make these wellness things a priority, from diet (which, I’ll get into in a post at some point) to exercise to even some more ‘silly’ things like skincare & manicures. Like I said, you have permission to find joy. And, if a 5 minute face routine before bedtime is making you feel good and joyful – DO IT.

Wednesday nights, Nora goes to tumbling class. So, it’s this one magical hour that I just go and run. Or walk. Or whatever. Literally the fact that this hour exists every week has brought tons of joy to me. I’m not bitter about the fact that I do a lot of single parenting and have limited, if zero, babysitting options; my husband is doing some damn amazing things with our business and I do hope someday that pays off in ways, including more family time. In fact, I love that I get to spend so much time with my kid. I DO. But, after 3 years, I kind of realized, well.. fuck.. what IS it like to be alone? We did finally get a treadmill earlier in the Spring and I enjoy using that for quick, intense workouts. But, the entire time, I’m like, “Where is my kid and what is she destroying?” Also, a treadmill isn’t affectionately referred to as a dreadmill ’cause it’s fun.

So many tangents.

So, anyway, I’m running again. Once a week, Wednesday nights. I look forward to it and love it. I am doing my best to not be caught up in numbers or minutes or miles or whatever. Just one foot in front of the other, outside. I’m enjoying the challenge and the silence.

I always tell people who are like – “I want to exercise, but, ughhhh, I haaaate running/this/that.” Then… don’t? Look, you don’t have to do traditional exercise. Run, walk, skip, roll in the grass. Just move your body. That’s step one. Give yourself a couple months to get in the groove and seal the habit. Then, you just might find yourself intrigued by some kind of fitness class or tempted to try something new. It’s good to challenge yourself, but just keep finding that joy.

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